Posted on: 2011-03-20 13:40:00 -0400

I’ve fired about 150 rounds of Hornady .223 75 gr. TAP training through my LaRue AR-15. Shooting off a bipod but not using a rear bag, it’s good for 1.25" 5-round groups at 100 yards and 5" 5-round groups at 300 yards. I’m confident that I could tighten both groups down with more practice and a rear bag. I went 9 for 10 on a 5" plate for the last string of the day at 300 yards, with the miss being due to a breath control mistake on my part.

The ammunition seems very consistent with the rounds tracing out a random pattern around the point of aim. I did not see any evidence of fliers, which are why I stopped shooting Prvi Partizan.

I’m happy to see a company making good-quality but affordable ammunition by taking advantage of the cost savings from steel cases. I’ll be shooting a lot more TAP training.