Posted on: 2011-03-13 20:26:00 -0400

The new rifle definitely gets an A. It feels snappier moving between targets but kicks a touch more than my rifles with mid-length gas systems. The HK-style iron sights work quite well. After zeroing the rifle, I tried shooting the IDPA classifier with it. This involves shooting at distances between five and twenty yards. My final time was 108 s, and I beat my pistol times on several of the drills. Shooting weak-hand only was tough, and I'm definitely not as fast changing magazines as with a pistol. Switching shoulders behind the barricade also takes a bit more time than simply leaning out in the other direction with a pistol. Shooting strong-hand only actually wasn’t that tough. In any case, I'm pretty sure that I’ll beat my pistol times by the end of the month.

I shot the rifle off a bipod with Hornady TAP Training 75 grain ammo and printed 4–5" 5-round at 100 yards. The target was smaller than the front-sight post, and I think that the rifle will shoot down in the 2–3" range with an optic. We’ll find out soon enough.