Posted on: 2011-02-03 18:00:00 -0500

The Denon AVD-2000 and cables arrived. My initial thinking was to connect our TV and Airport Express to the Denon via optical digital and run the record outputs into our Adcom GFP-750 preamp. This would allow continuing to use the Adcom as the main volume control and source selector. But that didn’t work out due to an oddity in the Denon: it purposefully cannot send a signal received on the second optical digital input to the tape output!

After trying a couple of configurations, I connected the Denon directly to our Bryston 4B ST amplifier via the L and R jacks from its 6-channel output and then connected our TV and Airport Express to it via optical digital and the Arcam 23T CD player by the coax digital. The Denon happily down-mixes signals to two channels. The CD player also feeds our Adcom GFP-750 via its analog outputs, with the Adcom then connecting to the amp via the XLR connectors. The amp has a back-panel switch for selecting between RCA and XLR inputs.

The Denon vastly improves sound quality from the TV. It’s far more dynamic and not rolled off in the bass and treble. Dialogue is also more intelligible as well. I’ve not yet compared the quality of the D/A converters in the Denon to those in the Arcam CD player.