Posted on: 2010-12-15 14:25:00 -0500

I picked up a Noveske AR15 lower on which to build a short-barreled rifle from Bullseye Indoor Range and Gun Shop yesterday afternoon. Jeremy Powell, their Class III sales guy, set up a trust on which to put the lower at no charge. He additionally helped me fill out the Form 1, of which I sent in two copies along with a Certification of Compliance, a copy of the trust, and a check for $200. We’ll see how long it takes!

The Form 1 asks for a caliber, barrel length, and overall rifle length. One of the strengths of the AR15 system is the ability to swap uppers with completely different barrel lengths and calibers. The solution is to decide on a primary upper, and list its specifications on the form. One can then build and use other temporary uppers with the registered lower so long as the rifle is easily returned to its original configuration. I was advised to use the length of the rifle in its shortest possible configuration: stock collapsed and flash hider unscrewed.

The primary upper in this case will have a 12.5" barrel, which gives an overall length of 27".