Posted on: 2010-10-30 11:33:00 -0400

We bought an LG 32LE5400 32” LCD TV and LG ANWF100 USB WiFi adapter to replace a 20" RCA ProScan CRT TV from 1994. Selling points included an LED backlight for long life, the ability to stream videos from Netflix via WiFi, playback of videos from a USB stick, and several HDMI inputs.

The picture looks fantastic from the factory: Whites are bright white, not bluish or yellowish, blacks are quite dark with no visible banding, skin tones look natural, and the backlight is very even. Blu-Ray disks via HDMI look incredible, to the point where watching movies at the theater is disappointing. The image is incredibly crisp and clean with no motion artifacts that we've ever noticed. The TV also does an admirable job upsampling standard-definition sources such as DVDs and cable TV. Setup shouldn't be problem for technically minded people. From unpacking the TV to browsing our Netflix on-demand queue over our home WiFi network took less than an hour. The menus and remote are all very intuitive to use. One of our favorite features is the USB port for watching movies on a thumb drive (format the drive as NTFS to overcome the 2 GB file size limit with FAT32).

I can't comment on the built-in speakers since it's hooked into a high-end two-channel stereo system, but this does brings up my only criticism of the TV: The only analog audio out is a headphone jack that doesn't sound particularly good. It has no line-level audio outputs. The TV does have an optical digital audio output that sends either LPCM or Dolby Digital depending on the source: LPCM for HDMI or analog input and Dolby Digital for DTV, digital cable, or playing video with a Dolby Digital soundtrack from USB storage. The TV does not support DTS.